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by Josegil "Kiggy" Rivera

Monday , May 27 , 2002
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Yin and Yang by Jes Idress
Life Is How You Make It

A Fine Comic I've been following for a few months. Jess has demonstrated a talent for weaving an engaging story, with clean artwork to complement it. But let Ms. Idress herself describe her work:

From the author's website: Yin & Yang is strange little comic that walks the fine line between reality and fantasy, starring two similar yet different boyfriend and girlfriend, James and Jess. Things are never quite as they seem, between trying to live in college life in Boston, dealing with each other, and finding oneselves in the middle of the most amazing set of events of magic, conspiracies, coicindences and wacky fun. It's easy enough to go to college.But to survive it while being harassed by the secret powers of the universe? Maybe not.

*Sigh*Better Late Than Never.
I'll try to stick to my update schedule of Mondays and Fridays, but I can't guarante I'll be able to update every Mon & Fri. :-\ You see: my folks are visiting my brother and me here in Texas, so all my weekends during the month will be tied up. ^^;On the upside: I'll be able to see them after 2 years :-)

Take Care


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